Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 times a charm? 3 strikes and you're out? Things come in 3's? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, Won't get fooled again. Ok I know the last one doesn't flow but the concept is the same. 3rd race of the season is tomorrow. Short race, about an hour and a half. My attitude right now is will I race and will I finish?

Bike is packed in the loaner car. Back in a Subaru. Still not impressed right now with the crap involving my car. More on that another time depending on the outcome.

My legs are a little sore and tired today. 3.5 hour ride that ended up being a bit harder than what was planned. It didn't help that I could still feel the indents in my legs that Dr. Bill left in them yesterday. Why the hell does everything beneficial hurt so much? Awww suck it up.

They are calling for great weather conditions for tomorrow and I've heard that the course is pretty fast with nothing in it that has to be prepped for. This is going to be the first test of the XC Carbon. I'm looking forward to it.

Race report and pictures tomorrow. I'm hoping that this report will not be full of swearing again!!

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