Friday, April 25, 2008

Sandbagger. This is what I expect to hear this weekend at the first O-cup. So I'm putting my defence out there early. I have never raced in an Ontario Cup Race so by their rules I have to start in sport class.

Trust me when I say that I don't want to. Not to lower the ability of anyone in this division. There are some crazy fast riders out there. I've been so focused on the long distance stuff that short races never even came into my race schedule. This year it was more of the why the hell not!!!

I honestly would rather race in Expert or Pro Elite and finish mid pack than go into the Sport class and be mentally thinking that it's not fair that I'm here. I'm not saying that I will win these events. BUT, Everyone that I race against in the endurance events all race at the upper levels. I know that I will have to work my ass off to do well and I'm used to catching people after a few hours having less than 2 hours will be a whole new thing for me.

I am looking forward to the race this weekend. I skipped my workout tonight. Lots of stress with the car. I won't go into it yet because I'm hoping things will be resolved very quickly. I think the legs are happy with the extra day off the bike.


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the original big ring said...

Sandbagger! Hahahaahah!
Just joking. I didn't realize that they did that - glad I decided not to make the trip just to race sport class. You don't even get the same number of laps! I'd still probably get beat!
Just use it as training and go have fun.