Monday, April 7, 2008

One hell of a great weekend. I'm really hoping that the trainer and rollers are put away now. My plans were slowed yesterday with a couple uncontrolable delays. I was not complaining.

Met up with my bike rep yesterday. Paul brought me some goodies with the excitement of more on the way. The last week has been great with new toys coming in. A carbon seat post is now on the cross bike. Since I will be riding this bike on the road until my road bike comes it will be much enjoyed.

I'll have a review of the Akona Biospeed transition bag in the next couple days since I have yet to check out all the features.

It was a day of sponsers helping other sponsers. The main part of my morning was helping Dr. Bill's wife get setup on a nice pretty Blue RC5 road bike. I was there more to drink coffee and nod my head. Of course with the sun shining and tempatures riding my mind is going get on your bike!!!

That did happen but I had to trim my ride back a bit but the end results still put smiles on my face. Things are coming together. I also scared the world with my winter white legs yesterday.

65 kms yesterday, just under two hours of riding and no anarobic times. Power is there.

As for the race decision. I'm going to stick to the Icebreaker this year. I will have to be careful in the hike a bike sections, the knees are feeling good so I'll back down things there and make it up on the road. I'll be bringing two bikes since I've heard that there is still a considerable amount of snow in Durham fgorest. Cross bike tires may be a bit to thin in the slush.

Work time. Later

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