Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mother nature hates cyclist!!!!! The last couple days have been a little cruel. When it's not just above the freezing mark it's crazy windy. Well after being inside all winter anything outside is better than the trainer.

This included the small rivers I was riding through that are supposed to be roads. Lots of flooding in the area. Makes the ride interesting. How deep can you go on a road bike? Maybe the question is how deep do you not want to go. At least it's getting the sand off the roads.

Looks like the Icebreaker is a go. The course may be shortened due to lots of snow. Still unsure on what bike I'll be racing on. Normally a cross bike is needed to be in contention. Last year the top 20 were on cross bikes. With the snow fat tires may be the option.

The weather looks mean. Plus 3 and rain, flash backs of last year. Well the body is feeling as good as it should. This is just a training ride. Not concerned where I place. Of course I'm going to hammer it but I'm sure the legs will feel a bit draggy with the ride scheduled the day before.

Maybe Mother Nature will have a chnage of heart and warm things up a bit. Hoping


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