Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Chuck is a little disapointed in my performance. I think if he had his way I wouldn't be riding him, he would just sit in the shadow's of the basement waiting until my legs return. The acceleration and climbing ability of the bike is currently way above what the rider is capable of . I honestly feel like I should be riding the winter bike righ now with the easy gear option, that's where the legs feel like their at, later winter early spring. I currently don't like hills, I think that the thrill of the decent is not even remotely worth the annoyance of going up the hill in the first place. Of course I will keep p[owing at the legs like an annoying kid until I either get beaten up by them or they just give up and get strong again.

More whining and complaining about my legs tomorrow . Maybe some pictures of the weak objects while on a fast bike. I'm going to go and sulk in a pot of coffee.

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