Monday, July 18, 2011

Draging bricks.

Movement is slow this morning. Coffee has yet to kick in, it's a typical Monday morning after an action packed weekend. I feel old on these mornings. These are the mornings that I debate about taking a month off, not off the bike but off training, The lat few years have been jammed packed with races and training along with every part of life mixed in there. The weekends seem to be shorter than I remember, the summer and nice weather even shorter and the list of things to do continues to grow. Racing is not the hard part, being competitive in your field is.

It's not a big deal to sign up and do a race, where the challenge is where you want to be in the end. Weather it's not finishing last, chasing that guy that beat you the last time or going for the win, this is where it lies. The problem for me now is I'm used to being at the front on the pack, going for step on the podium. To do this means training, a lot of it. It also means letting the body recover. When you have the to do list around the house and they don't mix well with the bike stuff well and add in just a little more age in there you start to debate. This is my typical morning after a race weekend debate.

I'm just whining a little, I will still ride, I love riding. There will be training, sorta mixed in, I just may take it a little different for the rest of this season. I'm starting to look forward to the change of focus for next year.

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