Friday, July 29, 2011

Changing back to normal

There really hasn't been much going on the last couple weeks and that's when I realized something. I'm not racing very much and with what has developed over the lately it didn't seem like I would be doing anything even next month. Strange. I also realized that Shannon is racing more than she had planned, this isn't a bad thing, but when her total amount of races added up to more than mine and I'm supposed to be the focused one something didn't seem right.

This is what had developed, me chauffeuring her to and from races and cheering from the sidelines. There is no complaints from me but I figured I better step up my act a little.

So what has changed in the race schedule you might ask. Well the team couldn't get organized for the 24 hour race. It seems everyone wanted to only do the first lap since first is all that matters and nobody was willing to suck it up and go last so unfortunately it appears that AWI Racing will not be making a full presence at Hot August Nights. It would be pretty hard to out do what was done at the previous race. Also changed, more than likely not going after my 4th win at the Mountainview 9 hour. It's a great event but in the solo category there doesn't seem to be the competition as at other races. I know that I can ride for 9 hours, just like to chase or be chased while doing it.

So that brings me to a what to do. There is a weekend, it could be a busy weekend and it has me debating heavily. There is a poll, I may or may not be influenced by the results but there is a poll. The options, do the east coast open SS on the Saturday and the inner club road race on the Sunday OR do Marathon Championships. It's either going completely away from my normal race categories or doing what I normally do. I'm undecided, I have time, you have time to vote, what to do what to do.

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