Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Take your medicine

After two full days of a swollen head that was not caused by my ego I'm finally feeling a little closer to normal. Some good drugs always help this type of situation. I'm feeling well enough to actually do more than sit on the couch and stare blankly at a wall. Of course this did not come easy as there was continued text from AWI Racing members about riding and being weak, of course I just ignored them and took a bit more of that purple stuff that kills swelling.It's amazing how such small little annoyance like a deer fly can become a huge pain in the skull when it gets together with others. They always said that things are braver in packs. If they are brave in packs, they're fearless in the swarms that we saw on Saturday.

Plans to return to training or some version of it returns tonight, hopes of adding something to it called intensity will be attempted also. It's been a couple weeks now since the 24 hour, besides the survival run my heart rate has not risen much above endurance since then. It's due, it's going to hurt, it's almost fun, it's going to hurt. I need more coffee, time to bring the energy level back up and doing it with some sort of stimulus is always more enjoyable. More ramblings tomorrow. I can almost think clearly again with the pressure off.

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