Friday, July 8, 2011

Wheeling and dealing

First ride in a while that the legs and the heart rate seemed to be back together and in working order. Went out old school for a couple hours on the road bike minus the laptop telling me if I'm putting out enough or not enough power. Just a ride by feel and I must say, it felt good. Power stayed consistent, tempo up the hills, no feeling weak, frail, dizzy, fatigued, vomiting, etc. It just felt, normal. It made me happy.

A busy weekend ahead, it doesn't include a race but it will include an epic adventure. Shannon's prep work for her adventure race in a couple weeks has us heading to the Torrence Barrens for some play time. The weather is looking perfect, should be fun.

One thing also to add to the list, I'm selling off one of my Giant Anthem X1's There will be no major solo races this year that I need two bikes and prep for next season has begun. Quick rundown, 09 X1, xt/xtr drivetrain, avid brakes, mavic slr wheels, haven't figured a price but if interested email in the comment section and we can go for there.

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