Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trail hog

The return to normal, the road bike felt great last night as I scared slow moving traffic on the rail trail while hammering out short bursts of speed. I've been tempted to put up a sign on the rail trail blocking off a certain time slot on Tuesday's for my sprint intervals but I have this strange feeling that it may not go over very wheel with the township or other trail users. It was a thought, maybe not a good thought but a thought. So, instead I adjusted to not completely scare the wits out of the 70 year old on the cruiser bike doing 15 km/h. I didn't realize that bikes could go that slow on flat smooth pavement. As I approached I'd scream out "move over" as I flew by at double the speed then accelerate and look back. Naw Naw Naw Naw naw naw!!!! and stick my tongue out as I sprinted away.

Small children were also warned to ride right or don't ride at all when I went blistering by them. I couldn't slow down to much otherwise I'd wreck my workout. Couldn't have that. The round trip of the trail and 32km was enjoyable for me, maybe not so much for others but I wasn't around them long enough for them to bring up any concerns with my riding. Can't complain if you can't keep up, seems to be a good slogan. It's the return of a rail trail rebel.

No I didn't ride like that, but there are riders out there that do. Just some random thoughts of things I've scene on the trail. I did however get a great workout in that didn't interfere or scare the crap out of the elderly. Happy to be back to normal, as normal as my normal is.

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