Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think this is the longest I've been off the bike since the winter. It's a bit of an unusual feeling. It is needed though and riding through the wall of humidity would be far from enjoyable. The temptation is there to ride but I've made a deal with myself to wait until the weekend. At least what I will be doing should be fun and entertaining. Plans to tour around a race course making sure nobody is hurt, lost, etc etc should be a great way to start back into training. I'm not sure what type of trails they have at Bark Lake, not sure if it will be similar to what we rode the previous weekend, don't really care. The combination of a new place to ride, a huge pack of people racing, including Shannon and her brother should get me fired up to start the suffering again.

This also has me reworking the rest of the season. What am I doing what am I skipping. I'm still debating and weighing options, most will depend on how I feel once I start riding again. What type of fitness returns, Kelso o-cup is almost a guaranteed no. Not craving the drive. That is the only no for sure. For now I'll enjoy the distance away from the bike until the craving to ride overwhelms me.

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