Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dealing with shit

Training took a back seat to an unforeseen, unplanned, unenjoyable but need to be done for survivability house reno yesterday. The weather was perfect, I was home early enough to put in a long quality ride but the house had a different plan. Now if you ever want to find out how good a match you are with your partner, have one of these type of repairs be forced on you. The old drain pipes in the house decided that they just didn't feel like draining anymore. The house is 80 plus years old, the pipes are the original, the bathroom reno was on the todo list after the return from Austrailia, yesterday it moved to the front of the line.

I won't get into the full details of what we dealt with but to say it wasn't the most pleasant way of spending a nice day but roughly 2 hours after returning from the hardware store all the old pipes that had basically clogged up like a fat persons arteries after a double round at McDonalds had be removed and new pipes installed. To say we work well together is an understatement, again I won't get into the details, these were much better than what horrible things in those pipes. Additional thoughts, I'm glad that I'm in the trade that I am, I just wouldn't want to deal with plumbing day in day out.

Bathroom reno has started, the things that should be leaving the house are again leaving with no arguments, I will return to pedaling this afternoon. Anyone looking for some think pipes to build a bike frame with? Free to good home, just not this one.

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