Monday, November 7, 2011

It looked like summer but didn't feel like it

At times the summer seems short, other times it's extremely long. It's so long that I forgot what windchill felt like. What may be a comfortable temperature standing still becomes closer to medieval torture as moment increases. Of course it's never an instant freeze, it takes a few minutes for it to cut through the layers of clothing before getting to the core. About the time and distance that you say screw it, I'm to far away from the house to turn back now. That's what happened for me Saturday.

The sun was spectacular and eventually warmed me up as I turned onto the gravel rail trail east of Coldwater. This turned into one of those rides that I appreciate the cross bike. A warm up on pavement before the "let's see where this goes and I've never been down that road before began" Random left and right turns onto roads that only farmers ever drive down and eventually onto a road that stopped being a road a kilometer in. That didn't stop me from following what becomes the snowmobile trail in the winter. To my surprise I started to notice an unusual rut in the mud. Way to small to be anything with a motor. It couldn't be? As it appeared in all the soft stuff on the only ride able line it fully registered. Someone else on a cross bike had already beat me through this trail. For the next few km's our trails seemed to match up on anything technical. I kept looking far ahead waiting to see this mystery rider. A mystery they will stay.

Eventually I rolled back into my driveway 2 hours after I started. The legs were feeling happy, a great way to start the weekend. More adventures tonight once the sun drops. Pretty much any ride midweek will be auxiliary light lead. It doesn't look like there is any snow in the near future, looks like I better get the lights charged up.

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