Friday, November 25, 2011

swinging both ways

Maybe I'm trying to influence Mother Nature's plans, maybe I'm just screwing with her not telling her what I really want. I figure if I embrace the fact that the roads are clear and dry and put some miles in on the road bike she will blast us with snow, but then went the other way with a shopping spree of wax and some time spent waxing and tuning skis just to confuse her a little more.

I didn't think that Chuck would have come out again this year but the weather was perfect and it seemed a shame to leave him in the padded room. Headed north into what felt like early spring conditions, a brisk cool wind, the sun shining, the roads clear of traffic, not bad for end of Novemeber. I did enjoy the tail wind on the return trip but also learned that I still have some body recovery work still to do. Some alignment issues will always show up when on the road, it's amazing how sustained positions show weakness in the body core.

Once the sun was down I made my way down to the basement for the first of many waxing sessions. I forgot how many hours of prep is spent at the beginning of the ski season. Not unlike overhauling the bikes. Of course this season has a few more toys that need to be tuned. So far the GS and SL skis are done and the first snowboard. This is the easy side of it, the xc skis seem to take even longer. Am I craving snow, just a little. Which sliding sticks will be my go to this year. Hmmm. that's a tough call at this point. A very though call.

Weekend is shaping up, some house work, some play time. Lots of coffee drank. .

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