Monday, November 28, 2011

the long way around

With what felt like another bonus day of trail use I took myself and the dogs to Copeland for a couple hours of play. This was as much for them as it was for me, the rest of the weekend would be all business. Starting with the anti NASCAR right turn I attempted to stay upright and avoid being taken out by the rookie. Rogue has stepped into Molly's place on sketchy passes. The Molly Monster is now just a pacer, settles in behind the bike and doesn't waste energy on stupid attacks. Rogue hasn't learned this yet.

The route we chose, not the I really decided, but we circled the outside trails of the forest. This meant some good climbs, awesome flats and some amazing decents. I was smiling pretty much the whole time. Came across some forresty work along the 5th line. The trails are still fine just a slightly different view now. It seems to take 2 hours to do the loop, there is probably one longer but the dogs were pretty cooked by the time we got back to the car. I was feeling great, not a huge amount of power, hip is still giving me some annoyance.

The rest of the weekend was spent as a two against one battle. Shannon and I taking on the house and her galvanized pipes. We have been working away at the bathroom for a while, it's been a slow progression but the end is in sight. The fun of an old house, we would start to get ahead of the house then we would run into a wall. Eventually the walls started to get thinner, the old heavy corroded pipe was replaced with new abs, The old toilet made its way outside, the final bits of tile made its way to the floor, the toilet was finally installed, then the last wall appeared.

The old vent was, ummm how would you say, useless. It had been a walnut storage for squirrels for atleast 20 years. To as it was fun to remove a 20 foot peice of 4 inch steel tube would be an understatement. My sawzall pulled its weight around the house this weekend. After to solid days of fighting everything the house sent our way, we won. The bathroom Reno has the end in sight and the big challenges are hopefully dealt with. The return to more play time is also in sight.

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