Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slightly frustrated

That's how I feel right now. Very very frustrated. Yet again I'm feeling like a beaten down old man. All I can say is that at least this is all happening at the right time of the year, off season. I'm not missing races, not missing those perfect ride days, if I was I would be sulking a lot more. So what's happening with my aging body, it's the hips and lower back yet again. It decided that it doesn't like me again. I know that the route cause comes from the crash just over a month ago, yep it's still nagging me. Of course I slacked a hair on the stretching and recovery after I started feeling better after the last time. I know , I know, you have to keep up the rehab if you really want to recover but of course life becomes distracting and obviously I'm easily sidetracked when I'm not really training and there is no focus in the rides I do go on.

So what does this mean? Yep a delay in riding for a few days, an excessive amount of quailty time in the padded room and a returned focus to make myself feel better. Time to get at it, iI can't stretch out the problem with me just sitting here.

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