Friday, November 18, 2011

Still trying

Slacker? Lazy? Distracted? Either way I know I have not spent much time here in the mornings. It is the fall and that leads to little excitement outside of the MNS rides which have now been taken to a new level. It's not about the ride, it's all about the entrance. Of course we are not allowed to speak of it, what happens in MNS, stays in MNS?

I have made an attempt to ride, a random stick has also made its opinion on me riding known. A little run over to the super close big backyard single track on Wednesday was started with great enthusiasm but came to a halt almost as fast less than 15 minutes into the ride when I felt the snap. Where the sound came from had me slightly concerned. I almost didn't look hoping that it wasn't what it was. I felt the dollar bills leaving my wallet. After a few deep breathes I looked down towards the back of the bike to see my XTR just hanging there. I felt the shiver up my back as I got in a little closer, Awww, wait no four letter words needed, just a hanger. The run/walk home was enjoyable. The hardtail is repaired and ready to roll.

I can't not comment on this, it snowed, it's November, it's normal. Of course it probably won't stay. I'm anxious to slide around on sticks, hopefully it won't be to long till mother nature leaves her seasonal blanket of white so the fun can begin.

Other excitement, the body is still feeling a little old man like. Hip flexor is pissing me off but some voodoo technology will hopefully help cure the problem. I'll make attempts to update this a little more often.

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