Wednesday, November 23, 2011

why did I

I can't believe I did it, it was something I said I wasn't going to do. I'm weak? It's not even winter yet so the excuse list is extremely short but I found myself on the rollers last night pedaling to no where. Why oh why would I do this to myself? I have been putting in some outside miles on the cross bike and trying to get the body adjusting to the late fall tempature, the only problem with this. Mother Nature is being a little inconsistent with her weather that acclimatization to the cold has been difficult.

I'm still uncertain on what brought me to doing the nasty deed, maybe it as the release of the 2012 Ontario cup schedule. It was the first step for a returned focus. most know by now, new venue to the north. Sudbury will be a trip, many will be excited about, I'm one of them. It may be early but time to start planning the "what to do" list and what it will take to do it. It will be a new approach this year to racing, the main focus is to make myself faster in the shorter races. Should be a good challenge.

Other highlights, team vp has been on a writing frenzy and is apparently getting fat while doing it. This past weekend had a winter warmup for the MNS group winter activities as Shannon, Jacob and I did what we could to keep pace with Deathmarch Liz on a hike on the Bruce trail. The pace was what aw expected and the warning came out of a couple new venues to keep the guys in fear of being lost in the woods forever if they can't keep up.

It's looking like some good weather rolling in, time to play outside.

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