Thursday, November 24, 2011

slip, slide melting

That was what my ride consisted of yesterday. A pre dark arrival home had me pulling the hardtail off the rack and heading to the big backyard. With some solid time available before the sun drops, this getting dark by 5 pm is still difficult to get used to, I had a craving to get some play time in on some single track before winter hibernation. Rolling into the parking lot I got a slight idea of what I would be up against, the previous evenings freezing rain left the a skim of ice everywhere. This made the trails a little interesting, where the sun got to traction was plenty, other sections, not so much.

Downhill sections were ridden with a lot more care than normal, there were mo than a couple sections where I was dabbing down the foot trying to keep the bike vertical. Bridges we pretty much a guaranteed trip to the hospital if ridden. Even with all the balance challenges, I was still out riding single track in the end of November, no complaints from me. Just shy of 2 hours of lefts and rides and ups and downs. Put in some good climbing with an attempt to fast track some base fitness again. Still not wearing any electronic (stay in this zone) type stuff, no structure right now, just riding.

Another spin is planned for tonight, I'm craving snow but I might as well embrace the warmth.

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