Thursday, August 18, 2011

A change of scenery

I've hit that point in the season that a bit of change is needed, not dramatic but just something to stir up the regular routine. The miles have added up and the scenery has not changed much. Yep it's that time that road rides are all the same if there shorter than 3 hours. I've ridden every paved road in a 50 km radius so often that I'm bored of them. This usually happens at this time of the season and I'm left with a couple options, one is to just shut up and pedal and remember that you have some of the best road riding in Ontario in your backyard so quit your whining. The next is to put the bike on the car and drive 15 minutes in any direction and start there. Of course this would be a last resort. Instead I pulled out the best option.

Some quality time was spent last night on the cross bike riding gravel rail trails, gravel roads and even a small section of atv trail. It was what I needed, I think it will be something I may do a little more often for the rest of the season. As much as there are some great low traffic paved roads in the area being out on a road where there may be one or two cars a day traveling on it is amazing. I know I made a couple people shake their heads last night. Riding past a few homes where most a shocked to see a car on their road, seeing a cyclist go by is almost as strange as seeing a ufo land and put crop circles in their fields.

Weekend is shaping up, legs feel like crap, the rest of the body feels about the same, pretty much the norm so not stressing about it. It's just a long bike ride with others. Mother Nature is looking like she's in a good mood, this should keep the riders in a good mood. Fun times ahead.

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