Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The next ramp up

It's evil to say but it felt like fall yesterday. The wind had a little crisp in it, the sun was a little less intense. It was still warm but it was just a little hint that summer is winding down. That also means the race season is winding up also in the round two of racing. There are barely any brakes from now till holidays in October. Let the fun begin.

It sounds like the 9 hour will be a little more of a challenge than previous years. The course is great, always a mountain bikers course, good climbs great technical and so many turns that your eyes are more exhausted than the legs by the end of the day. Always a good day and with the list of of solos a lot deeper it will be tougher than any other year. AWI Racing will of course be sending a full threat of Andrew, Jacob and myself. Of course those in the know have seen one member attempt to blow up other teammates, there will be no team strategy here and I'll be doing my best to hold on. There are a couple others signed up as well that will make this at least a 4-5 rider race. Should be a good day with pie for all. If your on the fence, just do it. There is day of registration if your pausing.

I'm working on my bonus event training this week. This could be the way to beat Mr Watson.

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