Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Didn't expect that

Excuse me, you need to get off the road, I'm riding here. I've seen lots of different things while riding, I started to think that very little would make me shake my head in a bit of a stunned daze. Well this one caught me. Doing that stuff that needed to be done and in between sets I had my head down for a few seconds coasting while catching my breathe, looked up and felt very confused. That bush is moving, wait a few of those bushes are moving. It's not windy, wait those bushes are almost on the road now. When did they grow heads? At first the flash of Little Shop of Horrors popped into my head and I was going to get eaten by some strange new highbred plant then I realized what it was. Why are there Llamas on the edge of the road? Shannon cleared it up for me that they may have been something called El'pakas. Not sure if that's spelt right. It was a very hairy thing that looked like a llama.

Now the interesting thing here, there was no fence holding them in, I was on a dead end low travel road, they weren't there on the way down the road 10 minutes earlier. Did I hallucinate them from teh lack of oxygen coming in? Who knows. Ride besides that was good, legs are still feeling questionable but life rolls along. Mother Nature was nice and broke the sky open for me keeping me warm and dry for the couple hours that I needed. Not sure what today will bring.

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