Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not influenced

You might have to race in it so might have to train in it. This was followed by a couple choice four letter words as I rolled out of the parking lot of Copeland just as a dark cloud of potential misery drifted over top of my location and let loose the wet stuff. 10 minutes in I was already soaked and dirty, might as well keep going now. The weekend is potential filled with the same conditions. Turned out to be a good ride with lots of climbing, just as much descending and a slight return to having some technical skill. It's been a while since I've been on the Anthem let alone in single track. Felt good. It was also needed for this weekends excitement.

Like usual I put up a poll, like usual I'm completely ignoring the results and doing what I want. I'm heading someplace completely different this weekend. With the Mountainview 9 hour coming up the best way to train for a race at a skill is to go to a race at a ski hill. No I'm not talking about the East Coast open at Blue, I'm heading north yeat again to someplace I've never been to do a race I've never done. So where is my adventure this time leading me? Sir Sam's 4 hour in Haliburton will be the playground Saturday. This came up as a last minute race and just happened to work into the schedule. I don't know much about the area except that they have trails, they run a downhill mountain bike races there and it's in the middle of no where. Should be fun. No expectations, no idea who will be there, just going to ride my bike and see what happens.

World Cup Wednesday has been moved to tonight, different venue, same approach. More tomorrow.

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