Thursday, August 4, 2011

A return

It's been a while since I've been down to the Wednesday night world cup, it was due. The only way to remind the body how to ride at race pace is to race. Conditions were a little questionable so I pulled out the single speed. The layer of dust on it disappeared pretty quick in the rain. A week warm up lead to showing what happens when you don't check the bike before you ride it. My front brake continued to get softer with each use. By the time it was race time I could pretty much pedal with the lever to the bar. What a great way to start back into vomit pace riding.

The start was interesting, watched two AWI members pin it off the line and drive the pace up. Mine was limited by a 32-16 but another rider decided to chase. At the end of the start climb they pulled off. I just kept my pace where it was, painful. Into the single track my front brake's weakness started to cause me a little problem. As I squeezed both brakes equally the natural reaction is to wait for resistance on the levers, there was none from the front causing me to squeeze more and more, as I did this the back wheel locked up. Some drifting was done. Add in the slick conditions and semi slick tire with a topping of not much in the line of trail riding in the last couple weeks I pretty much felt like a rookie. Amazingly enough I didn't crash anyone out including myself.

Eventually I did cross the line. Surprisingly I wasn't as slow as I thought I was going to be. Of course it was a bunch of fun. 1 gear, one brake, 1 lung (it felt), there is hope to get faster when you double anyone one of these items up.

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