Monday, August 8, 2011

Put in a small room

It was a weekend of indoor thrill and excitement. Short post, still recovering. Put in one solid ride but the weekend was spent in the bathroom. Normally when one spends this much time in the washroom it's linked to something horrible, in some cases this was the truth. There was a bit of frustration involved with removing the old bathtub, which weighed as much as a car to installing the new piping for the shower. It was fun, then not fun, then horrible, then frustrating, then it became fun again as things finally started to come together at the end of a second day. This is just have of what needs to be done but hopefully the worst of the reno.

Training resumes this week, along with continued work on the bathroom. Some plans for races have possibly been altered, to the better. Lots going on, little time to do it.

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