Friday, August 5, 2011

I make special deal for you

The last week has been an interesting one, training is training but it's been the fun of emails that has kept it entertaining. There is now engine knocking tractor wagon in the driveway parked beside the old man sedan, that's not the entertaining part. It's been the attempts to sell Shannon's Versa online. I've met some interesting people so far with some very interesting jobs. I'm a little jealous and feel that I haven't done enough with my life that I can live off shore on a oil rig or a cruise ship. I just have a boring life fixing things.

A few were really fun, I had the same email from the same address for both the Versa and the Fiero. Yes, I'm selling the little hot rod if the price is right. It's still sitting under a car cover two years later. My response to this particular email was something along the lines of this "If you buy both cars I make special deal for you, I will even include my sister in the price." Sorry Jenn, I couldn't offer a first born child and nobody would want the dogs, you were next in line since I technically can't offer my wife until she is my wife. I hope Rick won't be made. Funny enough I never heard back from this scammer. Has he met my sister? Maybe he doesn't like tall women.

I've also been having some fun with a gentleman named Tony. Tony is a sailor, a sailor from Scarbrough. That says it all, you know Tony is totally legit. He wants to have a new ride sitting in his garage when he gets back in a month or two. I've had fun leading him on. Showing him a little doubt to see what he will say to renew my confidence that he is legit. I even got vulgar with him at one point but he tried and managed to turn it around and made me have faith in him that he really was a honest guy. I like Tony, I want to sell Tony the car. I wonder how Tony will pay for the car. Maybe I should give him my credit card number so he can put a huge payment on it? I wonder how many cars Tony owns??

I know that people get scammed by these type of people, I wonder how sometimes. I try to have faith that society is still filled with good people, of course with good people that are always the assholes like Tony who try and do take advantage of those that also believe that people are honest. It's a bit of a disappointment in the human race that people like Tony don't have enough of a conscious to realize what they are doing. I wonder if Tony has tried to buy his grandmother's car yet. Hopefully he does. Doubt it would make a difference.

For those looking, Fiero for sale, Versa may be sold to either Tony or my Mom. If I managed to scam my Mother, opps sell to my Mother we have a Protege 5 for sale, Please only send an email if you are actually on dry land. I think I've had my fill of oil rig workers and sailors.

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