Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountainview 9 hour

So what happened? I myself am still trying to figure it out. Things just came to a screaming painful halt on Saturday. The normal start to everything, Mr Watson and I were babbling smack talk at one another before the race, Jacob was mixing in his comments also. It was going to be one of those days, it should have been a fun one of those days. The Mountainview 9 hour is nice and low key, even the start. Nobody lined up until literally one minute to go. No elbows through, fighting for a spot at the front. Go.

It didn't take me long to know something was a little off, I just didn't know what. First lap and second lap had Mr Watson leading the solo's with Jacob and I together. Of course I worked a lot harder to keep the same pace. It wasn't that I couldn't keep up, it was that I kept hitting things. One part of me wanted to go one way another a different line. With every bobble I worked a little bit to catch back on. Mountainview is one of those very unforgiving places, you need to stay smooth. I normally don;t have a problem with that, until now. At first I thought it was tire pressure, then was it my suspension, I started to over analyze everything as I continued to ride like a rookie. I was confused, I was also starting to become very tight on my right side.

I caught up with Jacob on the 3rd lap and stayed with him on the 4th, even he made the comment about my inability to avoid things or to roll over the simpliest root. At the end of the 4th lap my back was very unimpressed with me, I stopped for a second, lowered the rear suspension pressure a little. I was looking for anything at this point. The next lap was slow, very slow. My pedal rotation had become notchy by the 2nd lap and on the 5th looked like I was taking a break on every rotation. Crossed the line after the 5th and took off my helmet. No defending the solo category for me this year.

Spent the next couple hours doing a little support when Mother Nature decided to remind us how small we are and shut the race course down with style. The old man sedan became a popular place with Top Gear playing in the dash. After the restart and some rest I opted to try and ride again. 3 more laps but by the end things again were feeling like crap. Some more sideline cheering.

So what's going on with my body, lots. Currently my right hip hates me. It's very much muscular, the hard part is figuring out where it's starting from. I'm currently shorter on the right side and also twisted a the waist. It explains a lot, I've always had a bit of a problem with my right side being tight but this went to a new level and shut me down. It has me wondering about the rest of the season, this week will be spent away from any type of intensity. The padded room will be a popular place also with some serious stretching time put in. The fall 8 hour is still 6 weeks out, the fitness is there, I felt amazing last weekend at Sir Sam's. We will see what comes of the body over the next couple weeks.

There were some highlights for me during the 9 hour, some life related, some bike related. It was still a good day besides the frustration. Sunday was spent cheerleading Shannon at the Xterra where she finished 5th. Not bad for someone who hasn't trained much. Life moves on, I see Dr. Bill tonight, hoping for some simple miracle cure for my body. Hoping!

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