Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's to come,

Time has been flying along, it's almost stunning to think that it's already August. This had me down in the basement putting in a little quality TLC time to a few of the bikes, more so the cross bike. This season seems to be filled with every race that I haven't done and wanted to rather than the normal collection. Could this possibly mean that I'll do some cross races? Possibly. There will be a vacation dropped right in the middle of it but there is a stronger chance this season that I'll put myself in the red line for an hour in questionable weather conditions on a skinny tired bike. Woo Hoo, sounds like shits and giggles to me.

Of course there are some of those old favourites that we just love doing. The one in the lens right now is the Mountainview 9 hour. I was back in forth on doing it this year, well it's looking like there is a strong chance on playing at one of the most enjoyable endurance races in Ontario. What changed or leaned me to doing the race. The step up of a few AWI Racing members to join in the fun. The details are still not confirmed, line up not for certain. Regardless, you should go to this race, it's awesome, you get pie!!!! Everyone likes pie. That's why we ride bikes, to eat mass amounts of food.

Looks like I'll be chasing some summer manride points today with a tough workout in what looks like a rain and lighting filled day. Fun. Coffee needed

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