Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can you feel the pain. That was Sunday. I put the tri club through there paces. It was interesting that not many showed up this week. I think there was a rumour floating around that this week things were going to hurt.

I'm back to build time, 4 hours this past Sunday. It's time to start getting those body parts used to lots of seat time. This is also the last build session that includes the gym. 3 weeks and I'm free of the ball and chain, opps I mean weights. That also means this will be the hardest session yet.

Dr. Bill liked the weight setup and once this session is done will build me that one day a week matainence program to be done at home. I just want to ride my bike.

It's March, which should be the start of warm weather. Well it's not happening here. There is another severe storm coming in this afteroon. Yep, that little rodent that said there would be an early spring lied. It will be rollers instead of roads tonight. BLAH!!!


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