Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain, hail, ice pellets, snow and the reminisce of St Patrick's Day pretty much made the decision on where I was going to ride today. The road was defiantly not the place.

Hope everyone had a couple pints yesterday. It was a day of recovery with treatment followed up with a few dark brown pops. I think I needed them after the pain that was inflicted on me.

After a 3.5 hour ride on Sunday my back started to tighten up. Not just a little sore but sharp pain. Monday morning things were not much better. Dr. Bill it a not so direct way reminded me what caused it. Yep the guy that nags people about how important recovery and stretching is had been dogging it a bit himself. Ya and I payed for it.

Dr. Bill riped the legs apart. Lets just say that the beer was more for pain killing than anything else.

The day after always reminds me why I get A.R.T. done. Once I got that upset stomach under control the legs felt amazing today. Lots of power in them at the gym but on the bike is where I was happy to see it. 2:10 on the rollers thanks to the Dave Matthews Band and the 2003 24 hour world solo dvd. Both great distractions.

The legs are ready for long outdoor miles. Lets hope mother nature is going to be in a good mood this spring. The mind is needing a change of scenery also.

Lots of other fun things happening but I need rest.


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