Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here for a long time, not a good time. That was what was bouncing around in my head this morning.

Fluids, check. Food, check. Motivation, Ummmm. It's the thought that counts right? To fill in a few blanks from yesterdays ride. I have never ever had to pee so much in my life. I'm not sure what caused it but for e3very bottle of fluids I put in I had at least 2 come out. Still drinking now and unfortunalty its not beer.

The legs were not happy being on the rollers. Actually it wasn't just my legs that didn't want to be there. An hour thirty in I said screw it. I'll take Molly Monster for a walk and then reattempt the rest of my workout.

That's when the light bulb showed up above my head. Let's go for a bit of a cruise on the snowmobile trails. Up here they are like highways in certain places.

Of course the Monster was in heaven. She goes nuts when I touch a mountain bike.

The first 15 minutes I did debate my decision and this sign was definitely how I was feeling.

Then the rhythm kicked in followed by the smile. It was sitting just a couple degrees below freezing and the sun out. Of course now where can I ride with the dog with no worries of traffic. Another light bulb.

I live on Georgian Bay and its winter. HMMMM Ice equals one really long flat trail!!

Why haven't I tried this earlier in the season?

Of course Molly is loving it. This is great base training for her since trail riding will hopefully be coming soon and she is a little out of shape.

Ice sculptures? Nope the last of the evidence of last weekends puddle jump. Crazy snowmobilers.

Miles to go

Finished my scheduled workout time. I was actually inclined to keep going but the puppy was getting tired and the call of a good home cooked dinner this afternoon had me rolling home. I'm definitely going to get a few more ice miles in before its gone. No salt to worry about out there.

Happy Easter


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