Sunday, March 30, 2008

This week has been a test. Started a recovery week and everything was on track and feeling good all the way till Wednesday. Now of course I've been dealing with the issues of the new car and trying to get my ducks in a row with that.

Training was backed down and on Thursday evening I was so trashed mentally that I just curled up on the couch. Everything that could stress me out did. Way, way to many details to put down here.

It was a day of good byes. First one was old faithful.

My Subaru has been great. She was picked up tonight and heading to her new home. If you are looking for a great car that can deal with every weather condition (which we have had this year) defiantly look at this manufacture. All wheel drive is awesome!!!!

Introducing the new hotness.

There are wants and then there are needs. This filled both. Between the turbo charge 6 and the all wheel drive leading to the height adjustable suspension I'm learning now to drive again. To many buttons. Now my excuse for this car is the dog. The Molly Monster gets cold after our winter play time either skiing or hiking so it has heated rear seats for her. Yep, spoiled.

The next on the list of good byes was the Trinity.

Off to a new home of one of the Midland Tri Club members. I hope he puts more miles on it than I did. It was a great dust collector with its pretty carbon tubes.

Last goodbye was my indoor training sessions on Sunday's. It's been great having the club to train with and it's made those long hours that I needed to put in seem shorter. Thanks everyone for letting me beat the crap out of you all winter. Hope everyone is stronger on the road because of it.

The brave soles here for the last workout of the winter. Bring on the warm weather and outdoor play time.

2 weeks till the Icebreaker. Lots of snow still. Should be interesting. Back to abuse, opps I mean build week.