Saturday, March 22, 2008

How much snot can one person produce before dehydration kicks in. I think I found out today. It was a tempo ride today. 4 hours, two option. Stare at the laptop watching a movie or freeze my $#%^# off outside. Yep I took the second option again. Am I a sucker for punishment.

Temperature was hovering around minus 9 when I left. Yep cold. Well the start of my loop is a good mix of 12 percent plus grade climbs so I warmed up quickly. Lots of self control to keep the heartrate down.
This is the reverse route I took a couple days ago where I hit 70km and froze my brain. I'm not sure what hurt more.

From here is was on to one of my favorite training loops. The big chute loop is a 80km loop with a mix of every type of terrain and scenery.

Had to stop here for multiple reason. One was to give the feet a chance to thaw and to try and get a water bottle thawed enough to take a drink. Of course the view is amazing.

Nice empty roads.

Another thaw out stop. Gotta pick your rest stops.

Now how can you not love a route like this.

Normally this is my favorite part of the whole loop. It's a 9km section of fast rolling hills and wicked downhill turns that you can hold at 60 plus km/h. It's very easy to keep pace with cars in this section. Not today. There is so much sand on the road that the thought of leaning the bike at all scared the crap out of you. I've done my safe into second base slide for the season already.

This was one of the cleaner sections.

Whats a ride without seeing ducks!!!

4 hours and they were a hard 4 hours. Because of the temperature I came in feeling really dehydrated. My gloves are almost a solid with snot. It took 10 minutes for me to get the numbness out of my feet.

Options for tomorrow. I think the rollers are going to be the choice. Any movie recommendations?

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