Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm trashed after this weekends activities. Training plans got adjusted by the weather. It's strange how indoor training can be affected by outdoor weather. Another storm came riping in this weekend.

This was a great weekend of people. I had the opportunity to train with Peter Oyler this weekend.
For those that don't know him, he has won multiple endurance races including the first 24 hour of Hot August Nights and most recently RAAM. Race Across America Marathon. Ya I know, pretty sick shit.

He has a great group of athletes to teach and runs one hell of a mean session. I finished up with 3.5 hours of high intensity. Its a small world when it comes to endurance racing. I first met Peter at 24 HAN. His class was awesome and it was great to pick at his brain. Of course being
a newbie at his training session I chatted to a few. Great energy in this group.

If you are ever up in Toronto if there is space you need to come to his class. No drinking beer in this garage. Peter is also running a short course adventure race this summer. I `ll have the link up shortly.

After having the crap kicked out of me it was of to the SEX SHOW. Opps sorry, I meant the Toronto bike show. This can be the place that you get the shakes at. We were really lucky that the crazy snowstorm that was happening scared many away. No lines anywhere!! u

I`ve seen many a beautiful bikes, but the Pinerrello Prince. UMMM Ya nuf said. Can we say sex on wheels. Sorry to everyone at Blue but if I had a spare $12 000 this is the bike I would buy. I would never ride it, just stroke it and pet it. WOOOOO Wake u

The legs are feeling a little sore but in a good way.

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