Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pedal, pedal, coasts!!!!! Flash backs of being a kid. Then you get older and you stop doing the coasting part. 2.5 hours on the rollers yesterday had me craving some coasting. I've done longer sessions but anything over 2 hours no mater what you're watching starts to get a bit boring.

6 weeks out from the first race of 2008. Wow. The the first couple races are on the cross bike. Looks like it will be a trip to Georgian Cycle in the very very near future to get the CX stripped and bearing/freehub replaced.

Now I have to give some props to the crew doing the Mountainview 24 hour ski race this weekend. Stopped in in last night to cheer on the racers. That and to have a beer. Whats better than a beer at a ski race.

Conditions were rated as the best ever for this event. I raced last year and I swear we had every type of snow condition possible from super glue snow to hero snow that every ones times looked like they were going to the Olympics. When you come off a decent and up the other side of the hill and catch air. HMMM Ya that's fast. And scary!!!

There was one solo. Yep just think of skiing for 24 hours. Atleast on the bike I can sit my ass down and coast. Always standing. HMMMM NO THANKS!!!!

It's back to building this week. Time to work hard today. Lets see how many moan during today's workout. 4 hours for this guy. YAAAHHH I won't be alone at least.


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