Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crash and burn. Tried and tried and tried to stay on the bike. It wasn't happening. I got half way into my set the legs screamed "Get me the hell off the bike!!!" I swear that this is always the hardest day of the week to train.

The ramp up in weights yesterday is defiantly the cause. Now the gym time did feel good yesterday but everything feels good the day of. I think my legs have a hangover!!! To add to the dose I managed to squeeze an 1.5 hour ride in before that dam storm hit last night. That 6 foot tall snowbank in my front yard is starting to make me cringe. Melt dammit!!!

The roads were awesome yesterday. I was looking into my outdoor miles to date. I'm at 800km since mid December. Not bad considering the winter we have had. That and the fact that I'm in the snow belt in Canada where I should be on a snowmobile not a bicycle in January. Indoor hours to date, LOTS. The hamster wheel has seen alot of action

Tomorrow is another day.

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