Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shut up and ride
Are you riding or are you hiding?
You might be training but your competition is.

Aww motivation. I normally don't need much but after last nights blow up trying to get myself to get on the bike this afternoon was a little tough. More so it was the snow coming down which meant cold and wet ride!!

Last night my friend asked me what happened with the ride. I had no excuse. Maybe if I had someone else there I might have grunted through it.

Today's ride was a mental ride. Strictly zone 3 on the edge of the dead zone. Now of course the wind was trying to change that but I stayed steady.

8 beats bellow and feeling good.

The temperature was just at the freezing point which kept the roads just clear enough for slicks. This ended up being a downfall later in the ride.

Great rolling hills to help keep a smile on my face.

Right after this climb is when the smile came off my face.

An hour and a half into the ride I coming down a smooth section of road hovering around the 40km mark. Right hand turn coming and I have the right of way. No oncoming traffic. SWEET!! Ya that lasted for about 3 seconds.

A urine coloured Honda minivan comes up to the stop sign. No problem. I start to make my left turn. I'm at about 26 km/h. No worries huge clear line onto the next road. Well there was. The idiot starts to edge out on me. Not just a few inches but feet. Of course I'm already committed to the turn so all I can do is change the apex.

You know where the new apex is and of course I have to try and tighten up so that I don't run into the 6 foot snowbank that is coming up quick. There is no sound that can describe what happens yet but the sounds coming out of my mouth defiantly describe the end result.

Those slicks that I was loving so much had no traction in the sand and the bike came out from under me. I average close around 10 000 km on the road every year and have never gone down. Maybe I was do.

Now the worst part was the bonehead looked back at me for a few seconds as I'm on the ground then drove away. Another car that was coming up say it all and made sure I was fine etc and made the same comments that I did about the Honda dick.

Unlike my buddy Rig Ring I will not show the damage to other body parts. My ass, upper leg and left elbow took the grunt of it. Well all told I squeezed in 50km averaging 28km/h with the hills and crash added into the time. Averaged 155bpm. Now before any swelling kicked in I managed to get to the gym. Let see how I feel tomorrow. Rest day. Think I will need it.

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