Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Options for the day. Sit on the boring ass trainer and do intervals or freeze some body parts and play on the road in the the hills.

The second choice was definitely the way to go. A couple degrees below freezing but at least it was sunny. MMMMM to see that glorious sun. Maybe sitting on the deck drinking beer should have been the third option?

With just over a month before the first race it was time to get some real hills in. You really can't reproduce climbing on a trainer. The seat position, the changes in road conditions, the fact that you can see how far you still have to go!! Or worst not being able to see how long the hill really is.

Hills never get any easier you just go up them a little faster!! Yep, just keep saying that to yourself.

An hour of nice endurance pace before the real vertical begins.

Running at the 30km/h pace on cross tires staying in mid zone 3 was definitely putting a smile on my face. All those long hours on the trainer were showing up now on the road.

Still going up.

Looking back. The bottom section of this hill is at 18 percent grade. No pictures taken because I was to busy trying to keep the legs turning. A little motivation from some snowboarders that were playing on the sides of the hill had me raising the pace. Yep it hurt.

I love seeing these signs when you are at the top of the hill. I think I froze my brain coming down. What is the wind chill factor of 70km/h and minus 3 degrees Celsius?

2.5 hours of outdoor play time definitely beats the trainer any day. My toes and fingers were just starting to get mad at me as I was rolling into the driveway.

Just to let everyone in the warm areas see what we have been dealing with this winter. Ya it can melt anytime now!!!

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Jeff Moote said...

Wind chill: -14

I agree that freezing is better than the trainer any day. Unfortunately it's been more of the latter these days.