Monday, August 13, 2007

Awwww. Hour and a half of yoga and everything is back in line. Less than 2 weeks now till Hot August Nights 24 hour race. I have my fingers crossed for some rain in the next 2 weeks. We have barely had any rain all summer and the trails are hurting. Saturdays ride I wasnt sure if I was in the bush or at the beach.

Updates from my sister has it that Rick has been training hard and spending lots of time on the road bike. I'm hoping he is as strong as he was for Summer Solstice 24 hour. Let me rephrase that. He better be!!!! I know he reads my blog.

I still have thoughts about not doing this race solo. Well there is always next season. I've already been looking into a few changes and additions for races next year. Trans Rockies has always been on my mind but I'm now afte watching the movie 24 solo been tempted at trying to go to the world championships instead. I've been looking into a 24 hour race down in the states during the winter. I'm up in the air about the provincial time trial championships also because there is an 8 hour race in Kingston in the same time frame.

I've also been asked to do a short adventure race this weekend. Its pretty much a sprint race. This will be a last minute event, I'm loaning a friend one of the Giant NRS's and I'm not sure if my race bike will be ready in time. It would be a fun race but I will say that the running will probably hurt since I haven't done any real runs since the early spring.

Time for dinner. It will be time trials tomorrow.

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