Friday, August 17, 2007

This adventure race tomorrow is going to hurt. It sounds like it starts with a run and man the legs are going to be mad at me. Its only 7 km so roughly 30 to 35 minutes. I'm still un sure who will be in the front of my canoe. Brent has yet to call both Brandon and myself. I'll get out on the road bike in the afternoon to try and soften things up. The fun thing will be competing against all my local friends.
I'm starting to really like these hometown races. A little more fun a little less intense and focus.

I can't believe the season is almost over. Its the end of August already. Its dark early and will start getting cold at night. Awww means time for night riding. So even though the season is not over I'm in that review phase. So far I've had one 9hour win, 2 top 10 8 hour solos and one really bad tag team race and a now cured stomach problem. I'm also in control of my siatic nerve problem which between that and the stomach have caused alot of problems. I still have to thank Tobin for that cool last lap where we talked and pretty much sourced out my problems.

SO what are my plans for the rest of the season. Hot August Nights is Tag with Rick. I want podium, let me rephrase that I want to win the Tag Team division. I will be riding full out every lap. As for the fall 8 hour at Hardwood. Same thing, well top 5 will make me happy but I know I can step it up. I'm still looking into the Dirty Enduro 100km race. Looks fun. I also have Race the Night which will be alot of fun. As for cyclocross. Not this season. I'll be prepping for x-c skiing and our 24 hour x-c ski race.

Oh on a great note. Its raining again!!!!!! finally

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