Thursday, August 9, 2007

The new sweetness

Great call this afternoon that changed my riding plan. Dave had the bike ready. Dave's shoulder is back to well almost normal and Georgian Cycle is back to full operations again. I also saw that they have finished paving the Tay trail system to Waubaushene. Hey and the weatherman was wrong again. Because of the I.T. Band issue i wanted to have extra time after the ride to spend stretching so I kept things short. An hour twenty with the cool down.

Now the nice thing today was the pretty new front end on the OCR. So what used to be a Giant OCR 2 is only a frame. The new Carbon fork is awesome. The final setup took nearly a pound of the bike putting it just above 18 pounds. Not bad for a bike that used to be 22 pounds. Why did I do all these changes to it. Cause its fun!!! That and I love the feel of this bike. Now the new fork has just topped it.

The Tay Trail is the old train tracks that have been paved. Its now 15km one way. There are road crossing so makes a great place for interval training. Tonight was just a base ride with a couple sprints.

The 45 minutes of stretching tonight is starting to open the legs up again. Everything should be back on track by next weekend. When things still go pop when they stretch I'm not to worried. The moment that I can't touch my toes.

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Tom said...

Tom here (white surly, friends with the Craig on the misfit). Riding at 10 am in Simcoe county (same place as last time) if you are interested.