Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Things rolled alot smoother today. It was the Awenda Park loop today. This is a nice route with some rolling hills. I added in a nice cruel climb into my route. The section of Marshall road between Foster and Balm Beach Road is a cruel climb. Its not that its extremely long or a 20 percent grade but its got the worst pavement for rolling on. It sucks an bit of momentum out of you. It is 2 km long at an average of 8 percent but that pavement is the topper.

From there was out and around the park and back down Champlain. It was a nice loop at 70km at 2:10 for time. I am having a bit of an I.T. band problem right now and it really showed up on the Trinity. The climbing position is considerable different and I haven't spent much time on this bike in the last month. I have two weeks to get the legs back fully stretched out. Not sure what the plan will be tomorrow. The rain is supposed to come back in even though they weatherman haven't predicted anything in a while.

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josh said...

You're getting old, with all those nagging injuries!! Have you tried a white foam roller for the IT band? It's pretty effective for many people who experience IT tightness - it distributes even pressure over the width of the band when you work it with a roller.