Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not 100 percent sure what caused it but I felt like absolute hell this morning. Something really set off my stomach and I was actually getting motion sick while driving. I ended up taking the morning off work and slept. Things started feeling better after I brought up breakfast a couple times. By mid afternoon I was feeling pretty good.

I had the time trials planned for the day but ended up bailing on it at the last minute for a solo ride. Mixed it up with some sprint intervals and then a 25 minute TT. With the type of training and racing I've been doing this summer I've found that I don't have that quick acceleration power but I can hit a pace and settle in forever. Its also taking me a long time for me to really get warmed up.

The season is actually get close to finished. After the 24 hour race I've only have the Fall 8 hour and the Race the Night left. The Kingston 8 hour will probably not happen because of time conflicts with my holidays. Off to Killarney for that week. Now the Dirty Enduro is an option that I'm really considering. Its a 100km and will be great to get the legs fired up for the 8 hour the next weekend.

Its been a long season but its seems to have flown by. It will be next to no time when the roller skis come out and eventually the x-c skis. If we get the same precipitation during the winter that we have had this summer its going to be a green winter.

Tomorrow night NIGHT RIDE!!!!!!

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