Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wye Marsh Adventure Race

So I was smart and went to bed early last night. I really didn't know what to expect for this race so I figured I better be well rested. Start time was for 9 but registration started at 7:30. Since I'm anal about being at races early so I'm not rushed I was there at 7:30 with my coffee. I wasn't the first one there. Brent was feeling healthy and ready to race. Of course Brandon was a bit disappointed and debated on leaving since he wouldn't be racing. So mild coaxing and he was armed with my camera. Almost 200 pictures. Thanks Brandon.

All the local racers including 2 Wonder Womans. What is with all the super heros at events?

The field was relatively small but that didn't mean it would be a cake walk. Brett and Davis from the Mountainview Cycling Club were there. These young guys are extremely quick on the bike. There was also another team that I didn't
know. These were the ones to watch.

It was go and Brent and I went hard and put a pretty good gap on everyone in the first 2 km. That was probably a bad idea but I also had in my mind that the run was only about 7 km. Ya well that was wrong. As I mentioned earlier I haven't run since early spring, it started to show. Brent is a strong runner and I forced him to pace down. We held a good lead into the 6 km mark when the team from out of town caught us. We hit some crappy tough stuff and Brent I were able to pull ahead again but once it smoothed out these two were off. At the 7 km mark I was starting
to get a bit mad/sore. Pick one!!! I was doing a modified 10 and 1, let me rephrase that Brent my heart rate is at 190 I need to walk for a few seconds!!!! Hit 170- and go at it again. We finally saw the run into the transition.
9.9 km and 54 minutes later. 7 km my ass!!!! I have know problem running those distances when I've been running. Oh for the numbers, average heart rate of 183 and peaked at 190. Not bad for a trail run.

The out of towners had about 2 minutes on us going into the paddle. I borrowed 2 kayak paddles and had a regular flat blade in the boat. I loaned another team my paddles which I think may have been a bit better on this course. It was narrow out and back with 6 foot high bulrushes on both sides. It was really nice out there. We made one bad nav error but managed to maintain our distance behind the first place team to the check point. Now the return loop was fun. First victim were Sherrie and Karl. They didn't know what happened. As we approached and cheered them Brent and I shifted our paddles to the one side. SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH!!!! soaked!!!! Next came the Parkers. Same thing, soaked with next to zero retaliation. We hit every team on the way back. I would easily say we lost a good 1-2 minutes in our screwing around but hey it was fun.

We finally hit the shore and Brent almost lost it trying to get out of the boat. A little refooting and we were off to transition It was now my strongest part of the race. AWWWW I love my bike. Now my calves were not feeling great on the run up
to the bikes. Actually they were pretty much locked up and cursing at me!!! A quick change of foot ware and we were off. Now Brent is a very strong triathlete but hasn't spent much time on a mountain bike. After a missed turn we got in a rhythm and he followed. He did awesome on the bike. It wasn't very technical but lots of beach sand which will put the best riders in an unhappy place. At about the 3 km mark we caught the out of towners. I knew that we couldn't back down to much because of \the team from Mountainview. They are very quick. The bike finished up at 13 km with some cool climbs and a couple fast downhill rollers
Nothing to crazy but still alot of fun. Brent and I rolled into the finish and I went across doing a wheelie. Hey why not.

Now I didn't know that the local news channel was there and got it all on tape. In the end we finished just over 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd place team. I had an amazing time and will defiantly do this event again. Irene Parker got her revenge
for the soaking in the paddle multiple times. Awww it was worth it. I found out later that a couple teams went for a swim in the marsh. Not my first choice of place for a dip but some of these triathletes are water crazy!!! It was a great event and it also helps raise funds for the wildlife centre. From what I understand ARC is going to run the event next year. The Wye Marsh also has a run set for October which should be fun. Awesome scenery and great trails to run on.

So how do I feel after this race. Happy to have won it. Happy to have finished it but my calves and quads are not happy. I've already been in the hot tub once these evening and did some stretching. I guess not running then doing a 10 km trail run was not the greatest idea.

Thanks to the Wye Marsh for holding the event and some of their sponsors. MEC donated some awesome gear and I came home with a cool tent and pack. You can never have enough gear. So what is the agenda for the rest of the weekend? Tonight nothing, hot tub, movie, stretching and a beer. Tomorrow if I'm willing will be mountian biking in Copeland Forest with a couple friends. I say willing more because they are leaving at 8 am and I might not want to race out at that time. If not it will be a couple hours on the one of the bikes for sure. Alright time to relax

Anyone from the race today who would like pictures get in touch and I'll forward them to you. I will eventually get them up on the site but 200 will take some time.

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