Sunday, August 12, 2007

A different weekend for training. I flipped my rides this weekend and went to Tom's on saturday morning. My race bike is in the shop getting a major overhaul including shock seals etc. Its due, so it meant playing on the backup bike. No major difference between the two. It was a shorter ride of an hour and a half because of secondary plans.

I've been looking into changing my lighting system to led and digital. I was M.E.C. bound to look into a few different systems. A few hours later I was bighting with traffic coming out of Toronto. I don't know how people can deal with that day in day out. I'm going to be doing some testing on my lights this week and try and get a night ride in up at Mountainview. Its been a couple months sincce the last 24 hour and this race will have alot more time spent in the dark.

Sunday was a interesting morning. Got into a few beers Saturday evening and unfortuatly that led to a couple more beers. The Barrie Tri was on and I'd planned on riding down to cheer on a few friends. Lets just say the that first 30 minutes were not a fun. Lots of climbs and a hangover don't go well together. Awww I only do this a couple times a year. Its just over 55 km's to Barrie so the round trip plan with the touring around the event would be 120km. Well then the weather started to roll in. When I got the offer to head over for a BBQ after the race I took them up on it. I have zero problems riding in the rain but lightning on a bike do match to well. So did I train alot this weekend. NOPE!!! I am working on shorter rides at a higher intesity which was the results of this weekend.

It will definatly be a yoga night tomorrow.

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