Tuesday, August 7, 2007


The rain held off and I got home early, well 4 pm so I thought I'd go play in the hills for a couple hours on the road bike. I love my road bike, it used to be a basic Giant OCR2, now its upgraded to full Ultegra and Mavic Aksium wheels. Its just has a great feel especially climbing. Now why was I pissed off. Blew a bottom bracket 35 minutes into the ride. I could feel a bit of a click and started looking for a frozen link. Then that nice rythmical clicking started.

Called for a ride home and debated on going out on the other bikes. Ya well that basiclly meant nope. Drove to Georgian Cycle. Dave is up and running again and his shoulder looks to be about 60 percent. I'll be getting the new carbon fork put on at the same time so I guess its not that bad but it would have been nice to have finished the ride. I've got the Trinity ready to roll for tomorrow night. I'm thinking the Awenda Park loop.

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