Thursday, August 30, 2007

SO how did I end up teaming up with Rick. I guess it should start back to how I met Rick. it will be just over 4 years ago that I was in Ottawa to help my sister move into a new apartment. A few friends invited us on the now annual Maple syrup ride into Quebec. An out and back ride to a maple syrup maker where we ate then road back. Now on the return route about 15 minutes after we started comes this guy just mashing the pedals and flying past everyone. Right behind was Tobin and a few others. They basically went by us like we weren't even moving. At that time I couldn't even imagine riding with them. That was the first time i sort of met Rick.

The next time was at an adventure race in Parry Sound. I was there supporting Team StarChoice with my sister. That's when I found out she was dating this guy. Long story to that. So from there we started chatting and that summer ended up racing together on a 5 person team. The next step was each of our 24 hour solo at Hot August Nights. First year for the race first year for us. Ya I had problems but did ok. Rick pushed through and placed in the top ten. The next year came and we both went to sign up for solo at Summer Solstice. Unfortunately it was sold out for solo so on a whim we decided to try it tag team. We finished 3rd considering all the things that went wrong. It was a great feeling.

The next year for Hot August Nights we went at it again improving our total laps but finished 6th. Very tough field at that race. Rick really pushed us through on that race. He was on his game, I was fighting with my body. This year was 2 tags as you have read about earlier. I owe a lot to Rick.

He is a well established adventure racer and I have yet to have a chance to race with him. One day. I needed to give Rick some good props because we are all back at solo's for next year and I will be kicking his ass. He might not pull the laps of an elite rider but he will always be able to push through the worst conditions and keep motoring around the course. This is what makes him a threat at solo. If you ever get a chance to race with him do it.

On another note when are you going to marry my little sister?

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Matt loves Rick . . . Matt loves Rick . . . .