Thursday, August 16, 2007

The night ride last night was a lot of fun. Its been a couple months since I've played in the dark. It also gave me a chance to test out the new lighting system. I've had great luck in the past with Nite Hawk. They are not one of the big three that everyone talks about but they are defiantly putting out a great product.

The new system is the K2 Digital Emitter. Its an led system that the manufacture rates at equivalent of a 20 watt halogen. Well I brought out my 20 watt halogen system and this new set up blows it away. On 100% power it has an estimated 5 hour burn time. They always under rate the time and I'm expecting closer to 5.5 hours out of it at 100%. Now when this system came out last year I called Nite Hawk to ask if the batteries are compatible with their halogen systems. At that time they said NO. Well I plugged it in and they work perfect. That means I can us my bigger batteries from the dual light system. This means over 10 hours burn time off one battery at full power.

I ended up riding the Mountainview 9 hour course twice. I was out for an hour and a half and really got in to a flow. Ya well work the next day shut that down. I could have ridden for hours but things have been crazy at work so that meant a realistic bed time.

Tonight was just an easy spin, well sort of easy spin on the Trinity. It was crazy windy which meant even spinning was a bit of work. I met up with a few tri club members who were on their way out for a run. My legs are feeling pretty good.

Now my weekend plans have been changed again. I'm doing a small adventure race at the Wye Marsh. Its more of a sprint race and I don't think there will be much navigation. Its more of a off road tri with roughly a 7 km run, 3 km paddle and a 10 km bike. Very short but hey its local and its a charity event. Now the run will be interesting. I haven't run since early spring. In other words its going to hurt. Tonight I washed and waxed the canoe. A clean boat is a fast boat. Originally my teammate was Brent but its up in the air right now because of a cold. Brandon maybe filling in which still means I will have a strong teammate.


Josh said...

I don't get it. Nite Hawk lists the system at $219 US, and MEC sells it for $179CAD. What a steal! So this thing keeps up with your halogen system? Better? How's the white light...does it give good shadows for definition?

Matt Spak said...

Totally blows away the halogen. Georgian Cycle is the same price as mec. I've seen that price difference on the web site also.

josh said...

Dave has them for that price? Hmmm...not bad. If we only had more reason for lights, it might be a fun upgrade. We need more organized night rides, or even some night-only races (like Thomas's)...Chico could probably sell out a night-only enduro.