Monday, August 6, 2007

Day one of the long weekend.
Nothing out of the normal. Had my massage at 8 am. which was great but sitting in the car for 5 hours wasn't going to help We were on the road at 10 and traffic was like expected. BUSY!!! I've made this trip to Ottawa so many times and I'll admit that I do have a very heavy foot. Normally this isnt to much of an issue but witht he long weekend traffic there were a few extra police out. Yep I got caught. 109 in an 80. No break or reduction. Considering how many times i've done this I've never been caught and I'm normally on the higher side of the speed I was caught at. From there on it was a pretty uneventful trip. The 417 through Ottawa was sweet no traffic jams. Rolled into my sister and Rick's place around 3:30. It was a a pretty mellow night. A few beers and the movie 24 solo. Great friday night.

Day 2
The plan was to leave the house around 9:30 to meet up with Craig (Big Ring). He was obviously expecting the phone call that we would be late.It was just after 10 when we rolled out. Picked up Craig and headed out to Kanata Lakes. Lenny was already in the parking lot waiting pateintly for us.I've never ridden these trails and should have listened to Craig and changed out my tires to something a bit more agressive. I'm still running the Hutchinson Scorpion in the front but the Michelen XCR dry in the rear was slipping a bit. These trails were pretty sweet. Lots of big rocks and and techical climbs. Not a trail to ride for training but definatly a fun place to play. I did see where a 29er has its advantage. I was on my NRS1
which is not a great trail bike the way it was setup. Still had an amazing time.

Rick tried to become the next Evil Knevil lauching off what the guys call the largest jump in the trail system. He was doing great till he hit his brakes on take off. From there things went bad. Let me rephrase that,things went down.

Craig trying to kiss things better. That or rubbing some salt in the wounds.

I didn't go with out of a good fall of my own coming around a blind switch back I got stalled up on root and endoed. Slammed down on the top of my head and I'm still feeling a bit of strain in the top of the neck. I haven't had a good crash in a while so I think this was do. Kanata lakes was a great place to ride.It definatly makes you work your skills to the max. Rick wasn't having the best of time out there also fighting a flat. Race bikes are not always the best in the trails.

Day 3

Rick was dragging his but this morning so it was a solo road ride. It was a nice change playing on some new roads. I kept the pace down to low 30's and found a couple cool climbs on my ride out to Cumberland. A few body areas are still not recovered from the 9 hour. Now I will say one thing, driving 5 and a half hours after the ride was not great for the body. It was hottub time when I got home.

It was a pretty cool weekend with some new scenery. Its back to full out training again this week. Time Trials tomorrow night. I havn't played on the Trinity in a couple weeks.

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Craig said...

Love that shot of Rick going over the jump and the following one - that was my fault for the crash!

Great riding with you on my home turf Matt!