Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I was invited out to a fun ride in Copeland Forrest last night. It was just what I needed to get my legs up and running and get my mind ready for Hot August Nights. Copeland is just south of my place but I really haven't spent to much time in there. I think that will change. We started out with a group of 12-14 which eventually split up in to a couple groups. It worked out great for me. The pace was just high enough to get my legs feeling good but not hard enough to strain anything.

Unfortunately my camera was acting up but there were a couple awesome sections seeing the guys riping on the berm downhill. Ended up at a two hour ride with a bit of downtime in there. My legs are feeling alot better this morning.

Now after the ride came the best part. Went out for wings and beer. Not my normal apres ride routine but hey why the hell not. The group I rode with goes every Tuesday and I think I'll meet up with them a few more times. About the only downfall now is the lack of daylight. We rolled back to the cars just before 8 and there were a few sections out there that were a bit sketchy because you just couldn't see anything. Well its all the more reason for some night rides.

Two days left so I'll start getting gear packed up. Rick will be here late tomorrow night. Its finally raining and lets hope its happening at Albion Hills.

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